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I make visual anthropological journeys to diverse (sub)cultures. Both in the Netherlands and abroad, I explore the boundaries of recognition and wonder.
At the moment (2018-2023) I am doing many participation projects in the Netherlands and especially in The Hague Southwest. Until 2024 I will be photographing the Escamp district, which consists of the neighborhoods Bouwlust, Vrederust, Moerwijk and Morgenstond, for the Municipal Archives of The Hague. This will result in a major exposition in the Atrium and the tram tunnel. Besides my photo book about the Roma in Europe, South West Story will also lead to a photo book.
My current projects are based on meeting and life stories. I convert these into images. Target groups are the elderly, refugees, undocumented migrants, the homeless and (labor) migrants.

My roots are in healthcare where I worked as a psychiatric nurse for many years.Since 1997 I have been working as a photographer with a passion for subcultures, minorities and dissenters.

I regularly give workshops about media literacy in education, at the Municipality of The Hague about diversity and discrimination, photography lessons and lectures to adults, young people and children about image manipulation and fiction in the media.
In 2019 I gave photography courses to army soldiers about the changing culture within the armed forces.

Since 2018 I do photo- and storytelling projects in prisons.


Photobook The good, the bad and the Roma (Komma/d Jonge Hond, 2014). About the life of the Roma in Europe in a period of 10 years, the Decade of Roma Inclusion

If you want to know more about my interest in the Roma, the Havenzangers, circus Toni Boltini, the Amish, reformed Veenendaal, other subcultures and Op Volle Toeren then I can recommend you - and not only because it is about me but because he is so good put together - listen to the radiodoc of the super professional Emmie Kollou.

Listen here to a radio documentary about my life years 1965-2014

Clients 1997-2019

Xyva design agency, Municipality of The Hague, Ministry of Justice, DJI, Carnegie Foundation/Vredespaleis, Legends 22 and Lovestation 22 (fashion industry), LEVCommunication, Fund for Cultural Participation, Lava designers, Van Lennip design agency,Smidswater designers, TelDesign, Eden Spiekermann, Barlock,Studio Bauwinkel, VIE, Tegenwind, Carp*, Columbus travel magazine, De Pers, Revu, Arbo,International Cooperation, aNobiles, NWO, Ministry of VROM, ministry of OCW, ZonMW, CWI, DANS,DNHK, DIA, ETC. ETC.

Exhibitions2022. De Gang Gallery, Haarlem: Passion in Image. About the elderly in nursing homes and their dreams and passions.
2022. District Palace Rotterdam and Central Library Rotterdam and Bovenlandse Kerk, Leiden: Present! About homeless people and their passion.
2021. Lawrence Church Rotterdam: Present! About roof boxes and their passion.
2019. Dordrecht Prison. Exhibition of my work and of prisoners in PI Dordrecht.
2019. Village de Hoop, Dordrecht. Exhibition of the work of (me and) detainees in PI Dordrecht.
2019. Verkade factory. Exhibition on Roma and Sinti
2015 Pllek, Amsterdam North, NDSM site. The good, the bad and the Roma.
2015 Tilburg University/gypsy festival. The good, the bad and the Roma.
2014.Tilburg City Hall. The good, the bad and the Roma.
2012 B139 Galery ( Photostudio and Galery): Life of Roma
2012 Municipal Museum of The Hague. Group exhibition
2011 "Beaten Tracks", duo exhibition
2010 Albanian industry. Elsewhere, Brabant billboard project
2010 The Hague under a roof. Atrium: Homeless people
2010Romanian Gypsylife. Koorenhuis, The Hague:
2009 Pakhuis de Zwijger, A'dam: Gelem Gelem, gypsylife.
2009 Tilburg Gypsy Festival
2009 Noorderlicht photo festival Groningen
2008 "Heimat Hotel". Roma , Breda Photo Festival
2008 Gelem. Roma in Europe. Gypsy Festival Tilburg
2007 Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger: The Roma
2007 Amsterdam, the Milky Way. ROMANia!
2007 Romania! Gallery Piculiar, Leiden
2006 Gelem Gelem, the Roma in Europe. The Hague
2005 Gelem Gelem. Lobby Gallery, New York City,
supported by the Mondrian Foundation.